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www.CarXRshop.com website has been established to establish an electronic shop in the field of

purchasing and selling sport, tuning, option automobile tools and also it provides consultation before purchasing

CarXRshop It is representative of winners and reliable goods with guarantee and reasonable pric,

and also it provides consultation befor purchasing guidance to

install purchased equipment, insurance of reliable guarantee and supporting the sold goods are among one of our main duties in this website


Main specialized activity of the company in the field of designing and producing

Tejarat electronic Deljo Company has lots of capabilities in building and producing DC and AC industrial, electronic, propaganda, backlights motoring and drives

It has been capable of constructing and producing the most delicate systems ( kilometer screen of automobile ) and big systems ( bill board ) and it guarantees

quality of its own products sing the best primary material of reliable and experienced companies


For the first time, this products planned and produced in Iran

: Information about product

. It is very flexible ) it can be installed on convex and concave levels )

. Very light and less volume

. %100 percent waterproof to be used in the waterscape ), pood and etc )

. Entrance of intermittent and direct power

. less consumption of power ) 0/1 consumption of flexible boards )

. usable in the floor ) very high resistance againt strike and resistant againt friction )

. Very high interest sting lighting

. A great variety of co ours

. Non producing of temperature

. Capability of separation lighting

. Capability of arranging intensity of light

. Very low thickness ) only 1 millimeter )

. Useful life of more than 50/000 hours

. It needs not to wiring ) due to not using any type of fluorescent and moonlit light source )

. Vast spectrum of consumption cases ) even cap, t-shirt, bag and etc )

. Very attractive and efficient in propaganda a consumptions

. Quick and easy installment ) in less than half an hour )


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